What is Textile Movement?

Textile Movement is an arena for change and movement to drive the circular transition within textile and fashion.

We aim to provide the best conditions for a circular textile and fashion industry here in Western Sweden and across Europe. We believe that collaborations and partnerships are the only way forward to create new business opportunities through scalable circular solutions and, of course, to inspire and motivate each other to progress.

Who are behind Textile Movement?

Textile Movement was founded by the following stakeholders with the goal to collectively strengthen and assist actors within the Textile and Fashion industry in successfully transitioning and scaling up circular business models. The founders have expertise in areas such as circular design, local production and micro-factories, talent and skills development, textile collection, sorting, and recycling, production technology innovation, and testbeds for sustainable consumption.

How is Textile Movement funded?

Until December 2023 the project is funded by Västra Götaland Region, the European Regional Development Fund and the 14 organizations that founded the initiative. From 2024 onwards, we welcome partnerships and additional funders to further strengthen our ability to drive circular transition and create the textile and fashion industry of the future.

How is Textile Movement organized?

Currently, Textile Movement is driven through a strategy group comprising representatives from all 14 founding organizations. There are also working groups for Circular Design, Local Production, Material Development, Open Innovation Environments, Textile Movement Talents, Test Markets for Sustainable Consumption, as well as Destination Development and various events.

How can I become a part of Textile Movement and what does it means?

Help us to build a platform for change and creating a vibrant community that brings people together to share knowledge, creativity, and innovation in shaping the textile companies of the future.

Join Textile Movement here

How can I or my organization collaborate with Textile Movement?

We welcome partnerships and all actors who want to contribute to creating a circular textile and fashion industry.

Both individuals and companies or organizations can become part of Textile Movement. For inquiries regarding partnerships and collaborations, please feel free to contact us at hi@textilemovement.com or via LinkedIn.

How do I contact you?

You can also directly contact anyone within the Textile Movement community.