Design: Juliette Berthonneau Photo: Jan Berg
The challenge

We use twice as many resources today to produce clothes as we did 20 years ago. 110 million tons.

And we recycle less than 1%, about 1 million tons! By 2030, we estimate that the resources used will increase by 40 million tons.

Source: Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report – Textile Exchange

What is circular design?

We need to change how we design our garments, how we use materials and how our business plans work.

The key is to find a model where we use as few material resources as possible and recycle as much as possible. And that we ensure that the product’s lifespan is as long as possible. That’s what we mean by circular design!

Source: Circular Business Toolkit

Design: Mirjam Hemström Photo: Daniela Ferro
Circular Design
What is circular design?

Design based on the user’s needs, that lasts, and that can be repaired and changed over time.


Minimize the material resources, energy and water used during production. Optimize chemical use.


Offer alternative business models such as pre-order, rental, and second-hand options.

Use & Reuse

Extend the life of clothes and recycle resources.

Learn & Adopt

Listen, learn, share knowledge and experience – and change!